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Apr, 2024 - Success ka search engine

The "Success Ka Search Engine" event held at the Jito Ahmedabad Office on April 20, 2024, was a significant initiative organized by Smt. Krina Shah, JLW Chairperson, Smt. Amita Parekh, JLW Chief Secretary and event Convener Smt. Dhruma Shah. Its primary objective was to familiarize the Jain community, particularly the ladies' wing, with the Jpoint website, aiming to facilitate business growth and opportunities within the community. 

Here's a refined overview of the event: 

Key Highlights: 

Attendance: Over 30 attendees, including members from the ladies’ wing and other Jain community members, actively participated in the event. 

Introduction: Shri Nirav Shah, DIC Apex, and JITO Ahmedabad Secretary, introduced the Jpoint website, emphasizing its potential benefits for Jain businessmen. He explained that while the registered businesses are Jain-owned, buyers from any community are welcome, provided the business adheres to Jainism principles. Currently, registration is free, and over 1000 Jain businesses from Ahmedabad are already registered. Each business undergoes filtration based on categories before being added to the website. Businesses can encompass various types, including products and services. 

Presentation: Jpoint Secretary, Apex Shri Nitin Jain elaborated on the functionalities of the website, while Jpoint Convener, Gujarat Zone, Shri Siddharth Chovatia provided a comprehensive overview through video clips and presentations, highlighting its user-friendly interface and benefits for business owners. 

Interactive Session: An interactive Q&A session allowed attendees to address queries and concerns, which were promptly addressed by the organizers. 

Positive Response: Attendees showed enthusiasm and appreciation for the knowledge shared during the event, expressing keen interest in utilizing the Jpoint platform for their business endeavors. 

Future Plans: Organizers announced that the website is currently under development and will soon introduce paid plans with enhanced features and benefits. 


The "Success Ka Search Engine" event, orchestrated by the JLW concluded successfully. It effectively introduced the Jpoint platform to the Jain community, fostering optimism for increased business networking and growth opportunities in the future.