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Apr, 2024 - JBN Training Session

On April 6th, 2024, JITO JBN Ahmedabad orchestrated an empowering training session, uniting the Leadership Teams from all four chapters alongside their extended members. 

 Over 50+ individuals enriched their skills under the guidance of Mr. Rushabh Sanghavi, facilitated by the adept leadership of Dr. Pranav Shah and Dr. Vivek Mehta. 

 The session pulsated with energy and yielded abundant insights for both core and extended team members. 

Emphasizing cross-chapter networking, the morning session fostered meaningful connections among attendees. 

Spearheaded by Mr. Nitin Jain, Convenor of JBN Ahmedabad, the vision of monthly trainings with diverse speakers is taking tangible form, showcasing his foresight. 

JBN Ahmedabad is poised to offer more enriching training opportunities in the near future, a testament to Jain's visionary leadership.