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Apr, 2024 - JBN Training Session

On April 13th, 2024, 

 JITO JBN Ahmedabad orchestrated a tailored training session catering to new members who joined within the past 6-8 months. Dr. Vivek Mehta and Dr. Pranav Shah led an engaging session, with oversight from Mr. Rushabh Sanghavi. The session aimed to equip newcomers with essential skills such as crafting their 30-second pitch, initiating one-on-one interactions, passing referrals, and delivering effective testimonials, fostering their integration into business meetings and fostering connections. This well-crafted initiative reflects the visionary leadership of Mr. Nitin Jain, Convenor of JBN Ahmedabad, who envisioned regular training sessions to empower members with diverse insights, a vision that is now materializing into reality as JBN Ahmedabad prepares to offer more enriching training opportunities in the days ahead.