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May, 2024 - Cloud storage simplified, Google Drive Master Class 

The Google Drive Master Class, hosted by JITO Ahmedabad Ladies Wing on May 6, 2024, proved to be a valuable session for the 60+ attendees. Led by Shreya Bajaj Shah, Founder of Easy Hai, the event delved into crucial aspects of efficient file management and collaboration using Google Drive. Attendees gained insights into organizing files and folders effectively, utilizing labels, filters, and optimizing storage space for easy navigation and retrieval. The session highlighted collaborative features like Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, emphasizing real-time teamwork to enhance productivity and communication within teams. 

Moreover, attendees deepened their understanding of security and privacy measures within Google Drive, including file sharing settings, access controls, and encryption features. This knowledge empowers them to safeguard their stored data effectively. Exploring seamless integration with other Google services such as Gmail, Google Photos, and Workspace was another highlight, providing attendees with tools to streamline workflows and boost productivity through interconnected platforms. 

A significant aspect covered was mastering Backup and Sync for automatic file backups and cross-device access. This ensures data availability and continuity, contributing to better data management practices overall. The event concluded with an engaging Q&A session, where attendees had their queries satisfactorily addressed by the knowledgeable speaker, further enhancing the learning experience. Overall, the Google Drive Master Class provided practical insights and strategies that attendees can implement to optimize their use of Google Drive for both personal and professional purposes.