JITO Shraman Arogyam

What is Shraman Arogyam…..?

Objective is to provide medical care (Vaiyavachh) to Pujyaniya Sadhus & Sadhvi Bhagwant of all the sects.

Medical & surgical expenses are taken care of by Shraman Arogyam.

Why Shraman Arogyam…..?

The Trust have nurtured this vision to ensure utmost well-being of our revered “Sadhu & Sadhvi” Bhagwants for the noble cause of vaiyavachh.

Any association or person can get Sadhu & Sadhvi Bhagwant admitted to best closer hospital, with guidance by using 24 hours & 365 days toll free telephone numbers which is mentioned on the Guru Bhagwant’s PHM Card.

The Treatment

Indoor hospitalization treatment by Allopathy & Ayurvedic of Medical Sciences.

To avoid the same disease in future or to reduce the impact, proper guidance & treatment will be given.

No Binding or Restriction

There are no binding or restriction as in mediclaim insurance, here we provide all kinds of therapy for all disease for all ages of Guru Bhagwants.

One time Hospital treatment up to Rs.3 Lakhs.

Cards Issued

11,299 Cards are been already registered to Sadhu & Sadhvi Bhagwants.

There are approximately 16,000 Sadhu & Sadhvi Bhagwants.

The form of Shraman Arogyam is available on the below mentioned link.


For more information click https://shraman.jito.org/about-vaiyavacha/ 


JITO Shraman Arogyam